ARTHUR CORDIER                                                                                   ︎      ︎


Arthur Cordier (BE)
based in The Hague

arthurcordier (at)
+32 (0)494 355 701


in addition to my artistic practice
co-initiator at The Balcony in The Hague (NL),
guest curator at Art Au Centre in Liège (BE)

︎ portfolio

︎ press

2017 - 2019 – Royal Academy of Art The Hague, Master Artistic Research, The Hague. NL
2013 - 2016 – ENSAV La Cambre, Bachelor in Urban Space, Brussels. BE
2011 - 2013 – BTS Communication studies, Reunion Island. FR

solo show

– Kunst_planten, Hgtomi Rosa. The Hague. NL

group shows


LABO#5, exhibition in public space. Leuven. BE
Tiktok vs Abramovic, Projektraum145. Berlin. DE
Days of our Lives, Susan Bites. with Tatjana Erpen, Sofia Boubolis, Martin Parr. The Hague. NL

SWAB Barcelona, Contemporary Art Fair, online edition in partnership with Artsy
Curating the Young. Permeke Public Library, Antwerpen. BE
– beauty / ? – Curated by Dilum Coppens and Sandra Meilunaite, K.L.8. Brussels. BE
The Town Mouse and The Country House. The Balcony, The Hague. NL
The Town Mouse and The Country House. online exhibition in the Belgian countryside co-curated with Valentino Russo. Rocherfort. BE
Art au Centre #2. at the invitation of Maxime Moinet. Liège. BE

Contamination and maybe even more, Fonderia 20.9. Group. Verona. IT
better as a chorus, degree show at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. NL
Supermarket Independent Art Fair, with Alternative Art Guide, Stockholm. SE
All Bark No Bite, Susan Bites, The Hague. NL

ArtContest 2018. Vanderborght Building, Brussels. BE
The Ongoing Conversation #5. 1646 Experimental Art Space, The Hague. NL
D.D.- Domestica Dove, duo show with Ioana Ciora, Curated by Franziska Harnisch, Vitrine01, Berlin. DE
What Now / Now What, Sofia Underground. Sofia Arsenal - Museum for Contemporary Art, Bulgaria. BG
The Nudist on the Late Shift, Group. Curated by Barbara Seiler & Marcel van Eeden. KABK, The Hague. NL
Rise, Group. Curated by Jonatan Habib Engqvist. Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives, The Hague. NL

TO PLAY. Sagacity, Pathfinders Collective. Brussels. BE
Klein Eiland. ENSAV La Cambre - Studio CityGate. Brussels. BE
Turn Left on Supernova. De Besturing. The Hague. NL
Everything must go. NEST Ruimte. Curated by Eelco van der Lingen. The Hague. NL
Wall, collaborative work with Jean Katambayi Mukendi. Curated by Ilga Minjon, Stroom Den Haag. The Hague (NL)

FRICHE, Residency & exhibition. Brussels. BE
STAFF STUFF #03, Halles St-Géry. Brussels. BE

Bruit & Fluctuation / The Foreseen Project, Brussels. BE

– ENSAV La Cambre Open Air, département Espace Urbain. Brussels. BE
VOYAGE VOYAGE #2, L'Annexe. Paris. FR
Susan, bites, and videotapes II, Susan Bites. The Hague. NL

–RAVI, in collaboration with AIR Antwerpen. Liège. BE
– Contamination and maybe even more, Fonderia 20.9. Verona. IT
2016  FRICHE, Residency & Group show. Brussels. BE
2015  Bruit & Fluctuation / The Foreseen Project, Residency & Group Show. Brussels. BE

The Annex Collection, London; Private collection, Amsterdam

2021  RAVI, residency catalog, Luik (BE) – forthcoming
better as a chorus, exhibition catalog. Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, NL. Edition of 200
Emergency INDEX: An Annual Document of Performance Practice, vol. 7. Published by Ugly Duckling Presse, Brooklyn, US
2018  Art Contest, catalog. Edition of a 1000
2016  FRICHE, User Manual, catalog. Edition of 200

grants, advisory position
2020  Curatorial advisor, ‘A finger in every pie’ for the graduating Fine Art exhibition, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
2019  SPOT Groep Tentoonstelling, Stroom Den Haag for Contamination and maybe even more
2019  PRO Kunstprogramma, Stroom Den Haag for supporting The Balcony
2018  SPOT Individuele Tentoonstelling, Stroom Den Haag for participating in Art'Contest

WORM - MINT @ S/ash Ga//ery. Rotterdam (NL); Noordwal. The Hague (NL); Performative Research Lab, A Spatial Evening. KABK Gallery, The Hague (NL); Garage Café #5. Garage Rotterdam. Rotterdam (NL).

2021  smARTdates, organized by in4art, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. NL