ARTHUR CORDIER                                                                                     ︎ ︎

Arthur Cordier’s practice reflects on the economic uses of public space, with a focus on the display structures and the consumerist logic of advertising. Working with sculpture, installation, video, photography, and performance, he explores the forms of decay inherent to promotional systems... 

The Balcony & Susan Bites


un peu de jambon pour un peu de culture?
Group exhibition, curated by LABO#5 Leuven. BE - postponed to May 2021


SWAB Contemporary Art Fair
With The Balcony & Susan Bites, Barcelona. ES
01.10.20 - 15.10.20

of statements on the - Dilum Coppens 
Art Au Centre #4. Group exhibition, Liège
Opening - 08.10.20


Curating the Young
Permeke Public Library, Antwerpen - 08.07.20 - 03.08.20 

‘Work, Comfort, Home’ - Michael Mönnich
Art Au Centre #3. Group exhibition, Liège
09.06.20 - 30.08.20

beauty / ?
Group exhibition, curated by Dilum Coppens and Sandra Meilunaite, K.L.8. Brussels - 17.07.20 - 24.07.20

The Town Mouse and the Country House
Group exhibition at The Balcony. The Hague
24.06.20 - 15.07.20

The Town Mouse and the Country House
Group exhibition, curated by The Balcony. Rochefort (BE)
20.04.20 - 20.05.20

‘Liège. Come for the beer, stay for the scene’
Published on Jegens&Tevens

Art Au Centre #2
Group exhibition, curated by Maxime Moinet. Liège
06.02.20 - 30.04.20
Curated by Mikail Koçak
19.04.20 - 25.04.20

L 'Annexe, screening. Paris

Susan, bites, and videotapes II Susan Bites, screening. The Hague

RAVI Liège. Residency & exhibition in collaboration with AAIR Antwerpen. Liège
01.09.19 - 31.12.2019

Contamination and maybe even more Fonderia 20.9. Group. Verona
15.07.19 - 29.09.2019

better as a chorus
Royal Academy of Art. Group. The Hague
05.07.19 - 11.07.19

Supermarket Independent Art Fair with Alternative Art Guide, Group. Stockholm
04.04.19 - 07.04.19

All Bark No Bite
Susan Bites, Group. The Hague
09.02.19 - 22.02.19

The Ongoing Conversation #5
1646. Experimental art space. The Hague.
08.06 - 17.06.18

D.D.- Domestica Dove 
Duo exhibition with Ioana Ciora, Vitrine01, Berlin

What Now / Now What
Sofia Underground, Group. Sofia Arsenal - Museum for Contemporary Art, Bulgaria

The Nudist on the Late Shift
Group. Curated by Barbara Seiler & Marcel van Eeden.
KABK Gallery, The Hague

Rise, Group.
Curated by Jonatan Habib Engqvist. Quartair Contemporary Art
Initiatives, The Hague

TO PLAY, Group. Sagacity, curated by Pathfinders Collective. Brussels

Klein Eiland, Group. La Cambre - Studio CityGate. Brussels

Turn Left on Supernova, Group. De Besturing. The Hague

Everything must go, Group. NEST Ruimte. Curated by Eelco van der Lingen. The Hague

Wall, collaborative work with Ioana Ciora and Jean Katambayi, Stroom Den Haag. The Hague

FRICHE, Residency & group exhibition. Brussels

Liege, BE

RAVI Liège. Residency & exhibition, in collaboration with AAIR Antwerpen. Liège (BE)
01.09.19 - 31.12.2019
Video installation

'La Tonnelle Universelle, Section Touillette a Cafe' 
Duration 9''
HD - 16:9


I arrived in Liège with the intention of pursuing a photographic documentation on commercial sites in a peri-urban context. During my preparatory walks on foot or by bike, my attention was drawn to the Albert Canal, the autonomous port and, to a large building in red brick. It’s a landmark; it would be "remarkable" if it wasn’t in ruins, closed with concrete blocks and flanked by a muddy parking lot where abandoned electric scooters lie. Yet it retains a majesty, something from a glorious past. I have watched it many times.

It is the Grand Palais des Fêtes of the City of Liège, erected for the International Water Exhibition of 1939. The latter would use codes involving in particular the exploitation of a general theme, the development of a sumptuous entrance and the construction of ephemeral pavilions spread over a large area. The Grand Palais des Fêtes was a piece of bravery planned to remain after the exhibition ended; until 2011, it hosted the Coronmeuse ice rink.

I learned that the International Water Exhibition had an abrupt end: scheduled to last from May to November, it was closed in early September due to the invasion of Poland by Nazi troops, which led to the France and England entered the war. The political positions of the nations present in Liège in 1939 have surprising effects. Thus, the promoters of the German Pavilion avoided the least Reichmark being spent in Belgium: engineers and workers returned to their homeland every night and all the materials were imported. Established where Joseph Moutschen had planned the central café-restaurant for the exhibition in the sketches of the Grand Palais, the imposing building conformed to the architectural style of the Third Reich. It was so close to the Grand Palace that, in the archive photographs, the two buildings seem to be connected. Would the construction of the cafe have changed anything in the chain of events that caused the premature end of the Water Exhibition? Can sharing a drink with your future enemy change the course of history? These questions interest me; there are coincidences to analyse, overlaps between reality and fiction, interconnections between history and speculative narration.

The genre of the "Exhibition" whether international or universal, involves various subjects, notably on town planning or the economy. It’s an opportunity for nations and their industrial fabric to show off their skills and bulge their chest. Advertising reach still makes sense today, at a time of hyper specialization where all tastes or hobbies have a say in fairs ranging from consensual wedding fairs to those of the automobile, garden or holidays. Then comes the specific arrangement Frog Festival (in France, of course), the Edible Book Fair or the Salon for Supermarket Lighting. Soon to come is the Hair Brush or the Stain Resistant Mirror Festival?

All of this pushed me to develop my own innovative product: The Coffee-mixer Distributor. The device is available in a full range of models, colour and sizes. In other words it is an excessively specific, yet plausible product. Its promoting fair titled of ‘La Tonnelle Universelle - Section Touillette à Café’ presents the best of innovation in terms of blenders and coffee spatulas ... An event not to be missed.