ARTHUR CORDIER                                                                                   ︎      ︎


Fixed sequence shot
Stereo audio
HD - 16:9

2020. shown at VOYAGE VOYAGE #2. L 'Annexe, screening. Paris

2018. Shown during What Now / Now What, Sofia Underground @Sofia Arsenal - Museum for Contemporary Art, group exhibition. Sofia, Bulgaria

MARKTEN from Arthur Cordier on Vimeo.

screenshot (extract)

Markten is a video piece I developed while living in Brussels. The film is composed of a fixed sequence shot, and studies crowds within a busy marketplace in Schaerbeek, a popular neighborhood north of the city. The market, vibrant and multicultural, has the particularity to be entirely linear, stretching over several hundred meters.

To amplify by contrast the surrounding human and economic activity, I stood motionless in the midst of passers-by. The duration of the video was defined by how long I could carry two heavy buckets filled with water.

By a singular performative intervention, the water buckets become a resonance chamber to the crowds movements. It also represents the most basic good, in the simplest way to carry thus embodying a sense of universality.