Kantoor Blauw, bis. AC.2023.05
heavy duty PVC, shoe shine, 150 x 180 cm

Springboard Art Fair, 8–11 June. Utrecht

Bord de route. AC.2023.01.
heavy duty PVC and vinyl, 80 x 110 cm

Bon appétit silverware. AC.2022.03.
heavy duty PVC and vinyl, 80 x 100 cm

The last summer. AC.2023.11.
heavy duty PVC and vinyl, 80 x 110 cm

Don’t Worry, Painters With a Hat. 2023
on view at Museum La Boverie

2022 – 2020

exhibition view, IKOB Museum of Contemproary Art, Eupen. 

Billboard advertising falls on top of two cars during strong wind weather,
Single channel, iPhone, 3’’40 (loop)

Kunst_planten. Hgtomi Rosa, The Hague.
Office plants borrowed from advertising agencies, 

the smell of apple pie, blueback  poster, watering can 

Enseigne liquide, Goudron lumineux,
 Neon sign, aluminium, concrete, liquid asphalt
Dim. 220 x 280 x 60cm